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Terms and Conditions
Purpose: The hall, rooms and Gym at Sachse Muslim Society (SMS) are sacred spaces intended for gathering, worship, and communal activities of our Muslim community. This usage policy is established to promote respect, safety, and the proper utilization of the facility in accordance with Islamic principles.
Reservation Process:
1. All requests for the use of the Hall must be submitted in advance through the designated reservation system or by contacting the designated administrator.
2. Priority for reservations will be given to community members for religious, educational, and cultural purposes. External organizations or individuals may be permitted to use the facility subject to approval by the administration.
3. Reservation requests must include the date, time, purpose of use, and estimated number of attendees.
4. The administrator reserves the right to approve or deny any reservation request based on availability, compatibility with the purpose, and adherence to the usage policy.
5. Effective March 1, 2024, the recommended donation for the use of our hall is set at $250, accompanied by a $200 deposit. The deposit is refundable upon completion of the post-event inspection, provided that the rental property is left in a clean and satisfactory
6. The rental party is tasked with cleaning the hall and arranging all chairs and tables in their designated positions. Additionally, the rental party is responsible for disposing of any food-related items.
Guidelines for Usage:
1. Religious Observance: The Hall is primarily intended for Islamic religious activities, including daily prayers, Jumuah prayers, lectures, Quranic recitation, and other religious gatherings. All activities conducted in the Hall must align with Islamic teachings and traditions.
2. Respectful Behavior: Users of the Hall must conduct themselves with respect and courtesy towards others. Disruptive behavior, loud noises, and inappropriate language or conduct are strictly prohibited.
3. Modesty and Decorum: Proper Islamic attire and modest clothing are required for all individuals using the Hall. Decorations and displays within the Hall should be appropriate and in accordance with Islamic values.
4. Cleanliness: It is the responsibility of all users to maintain cleanliness and orderliness within the Hall. Food and drink are permitted only in designated areas, and users must ensure proper disposal of waste and cleanup after use.
5. Non-Discrimination: The Hall welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and prohibits discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or any other protected characteristic.
6. Security: Users are responsible for the security of their personal belongings while using the Hall. Any security concerns should be reported to the administrator immediately.
7. Financial Responsibility: Users may be required to pay a fee for the use of the Hall, which covers maintenance, utilities, and other expenses. Payment must be made in accordance with the terms outlined by the administration.
Enforcement and Compliance:
1. Failure to comply with the usage policy may result in the denial of future reservation requests or expulsion from the premises.
2. The administration reserves the right to revoke or suspend Hall privileges for individuals or organizations found to be in violation of the policy.
3. Any disputes or concerns regarding the usage of the Hall should be addressed to
the administrator for resolution.

Amendments and Updates: This policy may be amended or updated as needed by theadministration. All users will be notified of any changes to the policy in a timely manner.

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